Therapy for Kentucky Wildcat Fans


Y’all, the pain was real Saturday night across Kentucky and across the U.S. as Wisconsin brought down undefeated Kentucky in the Final Four matchup 71-64…ending Kentucky’s perfect season 38-1.  Hugs to this tearful lonely Kentucky fan pictured above…because I felt it with you Saturday night in my family room.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s taken me over 24 hours to be able to verbalize props to Wisconsin. The Badgers gave it their all and their seasoned team and mental toughness won it for them Saturday night. Although I will not be watching tonight’s final game, After running a cost-benefit analysis between Wisconsin versus Duke, I can finally say I hope Wisconsin beats Duke. Because, as any true Kentucky fan will tell you, we always want Duke to lose!

So, to bring healing to all the Big Blue Nation fans still reeling from Saturday’s defeat, I offer you these therapy tools to guide you through this process of healing!

  1. Remember that Coach Cal was just honored as Coach of the Year!


How about them apples to all the Calipari haters?!  Cal coached the young team in all the right ways and even took the heat for the loss, saying it was entirely his fault that Kentucky didn’t beat Wisconsin.  The trolls will say that Cal isn’t giving props to the Wisconsin players for playing a great game…so what?  He’s National Coach of the Year!

     2. This Kentucky team accomplished an amazing stat…undefeated for 38 games straight! 


Of course everyone wanted 40-0 and everyone on Kentucky’s team wanted it too. But the Wildcats made history for this season and even though the Wisconsin loss can never be erased, a 38 streak cannot be diminished!

     3.  Kentucky Basketball is legit. Even though we couldn’t realize the 40-0 goal to win this year’s championship, we should not hang our heads at all. Countless articles, broadcasts and pundits spent time strategizing how teams could beat Kentucky!  Kentucky will have an awesome team and will be at the top again for the 2015-2016 season. No doubt. 


Cauley-Stein (and other teammates yet to announce) will have an amazing NBA career. These guys…not so much. People only hate on Kentucky because Kentucky is so good.  If Kentucky were mediocre, then no one would be creating 38andone hating websites. Kentucky’s legendary tradition cannot be duplicated. Just ask Rick Pitino. 

So, Big Blue Nation fans…focus on all we possess and have yet to accomplish as we recruit, train and execute for 2015-2016 season!!

4. Update…this just happened!


Coach Calipari was just named as a 2015 inductee into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame!!


A Prayer for Holy Week


We are now journeying through Holy Week.   The joy and celebration of Palm Sunday is behind us, and the children’s cries of “Hosanna” have faded away. If we are to follow Jesus this week, He will lead us through experiences that require something from us…faith, perseverance, and a recognition and acknowledgement of our our sin and selfish human limitations.  

A Prayer For Holy Week

Our Lord Father,

We’ve raise our palm branches and praised Your Son

We’ve felt the rush of adrenalin of the crowd and spectacle and pure emotion of Jesus our King,

And yet, this week, the crowds dispersed, readying themselves for the next spectacle on Friday;

Father, keep our eyes open to our selfish behavior

Where we would rather enjoy a mob emotion of adoration and praise than seek the lonely Garden in the late hours to spend time in prayer with You;

Father, keep our hearts open to our self righteous behavior

When You prepare a table in the midst of our enemies and all we want to do is point fingers at someone else, not understanding we too are enemies of Your Son;

Father, keep our spirits aware of our self-preservation instinct 

When we betray our Savior because we do not have faith that You are greater than any circumstance on Earth;

Father, keep our feet closely behind Jesus’ feet,

All the way to the foot of the cross

 And on Easter Morning, Holy Spirit

Help our feet carry the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection! 


American Red Cross-Give Blood!

American Red Cross-Give Blood!

Good Monday to everyone!  I hope there are signs of Spring arriving where you live, because thankfully after our long Winter, I’m seeing and feeling Spring in southern Kentucky!  

Due to the extreme Winter and snow..many American Red Cross blood drives were forced to cancel across the United States, now resulting in an urgent plea for blood donors to give right now.   If you already donate your blood, then that’s great!  If you’ve never donated or haven’t in a while, please continue reading!

I had gotten out of the routine of donating when I moved states and then found I was temporarily deferred from donating based on my outside the U.S. travels as I had gone to malaria prone countries. That was a bummer, and being temporarily deferred can keep you from donating from 3 months to a year. 

Deferral happened to me a few times but thankfully I persisted and made my blood donation appointment and I’m now happy to report that I’ve been able to successfully donate twice in a row!!

To find a local blood drive in your area, you simply can click here to the American Red Cross website, and type in your zip code. That’s it!  Or, the Red Cross has made it even easier with their new app!  Simply search for “blood donor Red Cross” in the App Store.  It looks like this:

I just downloaded the app and I can schedule my next donation and track my donation history!

If you’ve never donated, the thought of giving blood can be scary; especially, if you’re nervous around needles.  No one really likes needles, right?!  So, let me walk you through my experience so it might lessen any anxiety. 

When you arrive at the donation center, you’ll register and be given screening information to read. Each time I have donated, the information has been slightly different, so make sure to read it! A Red Cross worker will call your name and you’ll go to a private cubicle where the worker will take your blood pressure, temperature, and check your iron. (A small finger prick…I know, but you can handle it!).

 You’ll be asked a series of screening questions (health/medical conditions/ sexual history/travel/medications) via computer where the worker isn’t present.  Once the screening is completed and you’re determined eligible, it’s time to donate!

Donation is simple. I reclined on a cot and the worker put in the needle and I would squeeze a ball/squeezy thing with the hand of the arm I’m donating to help pump my blood. The Red Cross collects about a pint of blood plus several small test tubes. All in all, the donation itself maybe took 20 minutes. 

The workers are first rate. The morning I donated, our area had just received another wave of ice and snow.  My worker went beyond her job description. Although the roads were icy and only one interstate lane open, she got to work anyway knowing blood donations were desperately needed that day!  And, she did an awesome job putting in the needle!!

I’ve never felt lightheaded or dizzy, but the workers make sure you’re okay before you get up from the chair to get your snack and water/juice/soft drink. 

If you need any more reasons to motivate you to donate, consider the following:

  • 1 pint can save up to 3 lives
  • Every 2 seconds someone needs a blood transfusion
  • Blood cannot be manufactured, it can only come from volunteer donors
  • Donors can give blood every 56 days
  • Less than 38% of those eligible to donate actually donate blood

I hope you click on the link and sign up today! Happy Monday!!

March 2015 Goals

Wow! Although February was short, it packed a powerful punch with loads of snow and bad weather. March is now here and Spring will arrive, whether by ice/snow or warmer rains!   So, here’s my list of March goals to keep me moving forward in 2015! (In no particular order)

1.  I’m so enjoying reading Julia Child’s Life in France. My goal is to finish reading it in March! by the way, I lurve my nook, first generation and it’s  still going strong!  Any nook fans out there?

2.  Upon completing My Life in France, I can’t wait to start reading Essentialism, by Greg McKeown. I first heard about this book a few months ago via Whitney English recommending the read  and since then, I’ve seen it pop up everywhere…blogs, Instagram photos, recommended lists.  Let me know if you’ve read it because I would love to discuss it with someone after I finish reading it!

3.  With the mounds of snow and inhospitable weather lately, I’ve not been reaching my Fitbit daily goals of 10,000 steps and 10 flights of stairs.  This March, I’m hitting those goals!  I’m often asked about if using a Fitbit is worth it, and I say Yes!  First, it shows me how sedentary I can be day to day and second, it motivates me to get my steps in!  Who else uses a Fitbit out there?  Thoughts?!

4.  Sadly, my hot yoga practice suffered last month with weather, etc.  My goal this month is to get in 2-3 hot yoga sessions weekly.  So far, I’m on track this week, as I already have two under my belt.  Besides the health benefits, hot yoga really calms my mind.  Has anyone else found that to be true as well?

5.  The trifecta of health goals this March is to increase my daily intake of water to a gallon a day.  Besides coffee, water is my jam, but it’s super hard to get in 128 ounces every day.  Seriously.  What prompted the “gallon goal” have been recent articles and my yoga instructor’s amazing weight loss of 40 pounds by drinking a gallon daily.    To help me keep track of my water consumption, I use AddWater app. While there a ton of water apps, I like how this one tracks ounces and not just a “glass”. 

6. Being March, one of my favorite goals is to cheer on the University of Kentucky Wildcats during March Madness!  Traveling in Paris, France during last year’s amazing run did not keep me from cheering them on! #BBN #IbleedBlue

7.  Work on my creativity!  Years ago I enjoyed drawing, painting, creating. I’m putting it down here to stop pushing my artistic interest to the side because I’ll have to report to y’all at the end of the month, right?  

8.  Another March goal is to donate blood.  Several years ago, I regularly donated blood. But then I moved to a different state, got out of the habit, and honestly forgot about it until Hurricane Katrina hit. I went to my local Red Cross and surprisingly was  declined because I had recently traveled to the Guanacaste peninsula in Costa Rica. Several times my travels have kept me from donating, but I kept trying, scheduling another donation appointment once the time period preventing me from donating had expired.  And now I’m happy to say, the Red Cross has changed their travel restriction rules (or at least where I’ve travelled) and I’m able to regularly donate again! Donations right now are desperately needed due to the nation’s blizzards wiping out scheduled donations.  If you’re able to donate, it’s super easy. Just go to the American Red Cross website to find a local blood drive. 

9.  I am still journeying through Lent and still loving Naptime Diaries’ Follow Lenten journal.

How is your March shaping up?  Do you  set monthly goals to keep you on task?  What are trying new this month?  Please share in the comments to continue the conversation!!

What I Learned in February

What I Learned in February

For being the shortest month of the year, I sure did learn a great deal in February! 

1.  Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Caroll has given me encouragement.   After the unanimous uproar over calling that crazy passing play that was intercepted at the goal line instead of a running play and costing the Seahawks a back to back Super Bowl win,  Coach Pete Carroll stood firm in his decision.  Admitting it was the worst result possible result of calling that play, he took ownership of it, even in the scorching backlash.  Seeing how Carroll has dealt with unimaginable scrutiny encourages me that if Carroll can live to coach another day, so can I.  

2.  If Gathering 2015.  I attended the If Gathering through an If: Local venue and it was spiritually transforming.  Strong, godly women leading other women to a deeper knowledge of God and a call to action.  So many Spirited-filled speakers; but, one speaker and one phrase pierced my heart and life.  When Christine Caine uttered “Dismount that dead horse!” I knew God was speaking directly to me. 

3.  God is with me in the big and little events in my life. 

4.  After over a foot of snow last week, and plenty of snow still hanging around, our local weather forecasters can correctly predict snow at times!!

5.  Tall flat whites are a thing and I heart them

6.  In search of free wi-fi this week, I discovered that the senior citizen coffee gang hangs out at McDonalds in my town.  And, I’m lovin’ it because they are seriously happy and enjoying life in that moment and space!  

7.  The series finale of Parks and Recreation was supremely perfect. So sad to see it go, but I sure do wish I really could purchase Tom’s best selling book, Failure:  An American Success Story, because it literally hits the nail on the head of the current trend that experiencing failure is profitable!  Which, it can be, but doesn’t always happen!

8.  This Follow Lenten devotional guide is drawing me closer to God through these 40 days. 

So many wonderful lessons in February!  I’m so looking forward to March with glimpses of Spring and the  event of March madness!  Go UK Wildcats!!