Tuesday Tips | Cleaning Caddy Organization 

Tuesday Tips | Cleaning Caddy Organization 


Ah…the joys of organization!
Today I’m discussing the super serious topic of cleaning caddies. Yes, it’s a controversial subject, but I’m willing to hit it head on, wink wink!

Seriously, if I can establish some order, ease and prettiness in cleaning my home’s bathrooms, Imma gonna do it. 

So here’s what works for me. And fair warning, this post may seem like a Target as (it’s not) but we all agree that Target most often has the prettiest designed items, right?

The Caddy

This is here my love/hate relationship kicks in with Target. As in Target stocks awesome seasonal merchandise that you see once and boom, it’s gone. 

Here’s the love:

You will regret seeing this caddy because its rarely spotted on Target shelves!

This caddy is metal with wooden handles and perfect, simply perfect , for carrying cleaning bottles/products.  It makes its brief appearance in Target in May, before Memorial Day, in Target’s seasonal picnic supplies area. 

See, it’s supposed to be a caddy for your plastic ware. The caddy comes in different colors and cost is between $14-16.  You cannot order this caddy online.  I’ve made it to Target the last 2 years to pick up extras and the shelves are bare.  It’s my great white whale. 


See what I’m talking about?  It’s perf!  I seriously don’t understand why Target doesn’t sell these year round, because they could!  Sigh. 

Moving on, I tried to find an alternate caddy (for myself and to recommend) and also found this at Target: 

Another pretty Target item!

Again, this is a seasonal item as well, but it lingers much much longer than the metal caddy!  You can find this item during dorm room season in the dorm supplies section. Dorm room season for Target runs from around June to end of August.  At my local Target there were a few of these left at the end of dorm season!


This caddy has pockets!
This has lots more room if you need it for extra supplies and it has pockets on both sides!! I use this caddy upstairs and I’m happy to report I can also put my stash of garbage bags in one interior section as well when I’m taking out trash! Win!

Must Have Cleaning Items 

My prized tools when cleaning bathrooms!

 Microfiber Cloths:

First up, the green, yellow, pink and blue microfiber cloths can be found here online at Target and in their stores. The 6 pack comes with 2 blue, 2 pink and 1 each of the green and yellow. I buy the six pack for the yellow and green microfiber cloths.  They. Are. The. Best. 

The yellow cloth is for windows and mirrors and it is amazing how it cleans without leaving any streaks.  The green cloth is the thickest and best microfiber cloth I have ever use from any brand. I wish Target would just sell the yellow and green cloths separately in packs because, man, I would so buy them up!  The pink cloth is for furniture and the blue cloth is for scrubbing hard areas, but in all honesty, the yellow and green cloths are the stars!

Glass Cleaner:

I’m 99% natural cleaning products and I’ve made many a vinegar spray bottle to clean glass, but I Can See Clearly Now glass cleaner is all natural, smells unvinegary and works great!  Otherwise, I do use vinegar water!

All Purpose Spray

This is natural and I’ve discussed it here in a previous post!  I’ve been using this recipe for years and get great results!


You probably noticed the Lysol Dual Action Wipes poking out of my caddy!  All I have to say is the toilet bowl is where I draw the line in all natural products!! I really like the dual action as each wipe’s material is like a scrubber and let’s just say, sometimes you have to scrub the toilet!!

Also in the photo is a used toothbrush and one of two of the OXO Deep Clean Brush Set which are the perfect tools to scrub grout or drains, etc.

So there you have it!  These caddies are how I roll when cleaning the bathrooms in my home!  They sure make a not so fun task a little bit more cheerier!

What are your must have cleaning products?  I’d love to hear! Am I the only one who needs a bit of pretty to get through the bathroom cleaning?

The Life-Changing Magic of Cloth Napkins in Going Green

The Life-Changing Magic of Cloth Napkins in Going Green

Hello Thursday! It’s day 4 of being snowed in under a foot of snow here in southern Kentucky. More snow is headed our way tomorrow, if the weather forecasters are to be trusted ( and unfortunately, they have been dead on)! #bummer

We love living out in the country which well outweigh any drawbacks…like unplowed snowdrift county roads. I’m truly in my happy spot when I’m home and can look outside my window and view God’s beautiful creation!


Admittedly, one of the practical drawback of living so far out is that our county’s recycling service stops about a mile before our house. Before moving way out, I had always lived where recycling was available. I loved setting my orange bin out. Sadly, I was unable to recycle for several years, even after routinely calling the recycling center to extend their route. Imagine my delight when I learned that our local university offered a community recycling drop off for plastics, paper, glass and cardboard! Their location is perfect and I can now proudly report I’m again doing my part.

Once I fixed my recycling guilt, I began to focus on other areas in our household that could be “green” as well as save money. I knew I had to tackle my biggest addiction…paper towels. I love me some paper towels. But I switched over to using a combination of microfiber cloths and cloth towels for cleaning while saving the paper towels only for the most disgusting messes. You know what I’m talking about!

Even with all that minimizing, my family continued to thwart my efforts by using paper towels for napkins at mealtime. Have you been there? I didn’t know what to do because cloth napkins didn’t seem to be a better solution. Then one evening at a fancy restaurant, it hit me. Placed on the restaurant’s crisp white table linens were black napkins. Yes! Black napkins pretty much disguise most stains ( and my family sure does generate stains) while being chic as well.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for over a year and it’s working like a charm! Here’s a quick tutorial so you too can jump on board!

I bought my black napkins from my local Bed, Bath and Beyond. Mine came 12 to a pack and I bought 2 packs to get me through one week’s worth of meals we eat at home. You may need more or less. These are the same or similar black napkinsto what I purchased, although after a year of use my napkins now measure 14″x14″ instead of 16″x16″. Also, you may notice in the photos, that the edges curl. I’m a no iron kinda gal, so I overlook that. If you need flat smooth edges in your napkins, I recommend a polyester blend.

Here’s the napkin in all its curling edge glory:


I then fold the napkin in half, like this:


Next, I fold the napkin into thirds:


Until it looks like this:


That’s how I place the napkins with the flatware. Nothing fancy.

As you can imagine, with 24 napkins in a kitchen drawer it can get unruly, defeating the entire purpose of using cloth napkins. Trouble with the door opening, trouble with the drawer closing, trouble with my napkin system! “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” by Marie Kondo I immediately went to my black napkins in the sticky drawer and made one more fold, like this:


Just as Marie Kondo preaches, this type of fold allows vertical storage in drawers and the shirt, sweater, napkin or whatnot will continue to stand on its own, like so:


Seriously, this one folding tip is pretty life changing! The napkin drawer now makes my organizing heart sing every time I open it!


Is it just me, or do money saving routines/organizing tips make your heart sing as well? Share with me if you try this tip and your own best “green” or organizing tip in the comments below!