A Song of Hope for Souls of Busted Brackets


Last Sunday’s March Madness selection was so full of promise as we strategically filled out our brackets for Tuesday’s early tournament start, believing this year, we had filled out a perfect busting proof bracket. 

Oh, you dear unfortunate souls!  By yesterday, the gnashing of teeth and tearing of fan signs could be heard throughout the land. And, because basketball fans need encouragement and comfort this stark Monday of broken dreams, I offer you a song.

See, I saw two performances of “Into the Woods” over the weekend, and one song of comfort stood out for me personally in this bracket despair and I knew I must share it with the broken-hearted bracket holders. With half apologizes to Stephen Sondheim, I give you the remix version of “No One is Alone”.

Nate Silver cannot guide you

Now you’re on your own

Only busted brackets beside you

Still, you’re not alone

No one is alone, Purdue

No one is alone.

Sometimes SEC teams leave you

Halfway through the dance

Others may deceive you (Villanova)

You decide what’s good. 

You decide alone, UCLA

But no one is alone. 

Fans make mistakes. 



Fans make mistakes, SMU

Holding to their own. 

Thinking their own will win it

Thinking they’re alone.

Honor their mistakes (Butler)

Everybody makes (Providence)

Fight for their mistakes

One another’s terrible bracket mistakes. 

Shockers can be right, Wolfpacks can be good

You decide what’s right for you decide what’s good

Just remember 

Someone is on your side UK Wildcats

Someone else is not, Duke Devils

While we’re seeing our side

Maybe we forgot. The Devils are not alone (Rob Lowe)

No one is alone. 

Hard to hear the buzzer now

Just don’t let it go

Things will come out right now, Georgetown

We can make it so. 

Someone is on your side, Indiana

No one is alone. 

I hope these lyrics give the much needed comfort for all. Stay strong, continue on this week and pick a new team to cheer on as you go into the woods!