Therapy for Kentucky Wildcat Fans


Y’all, the pain was real Saturday night across Kentucky and across the U.S. as Wisconsin brought down undefeated Kentucky in the Final Four matchup 71-64…ending Kentucky’s perfect season 38-1.  Hugs to this tearful lonely Kentucky fan pictured above…because I felt it with you Saturday night in my family room.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s taken me over 24 hours to be able to verbalize props to Wisconsin. The Badgers gave it their all and their seasoned team and mental toughness won it for them Saturday night. Although I will not be watching tonight’s final game, After running a cost-benefit analysis between Wisconsin versus Duke, I can finally say I hope Wisconsin beats Duke. Because, as any true Kentucky fan will tell you, we always want Duke to lose!

So, to bring healing to all the Big Blue Nation fans still reeling from Saturday’s defeat, I offer you these therapy tools to guide you through this process of healing!

  1. Remember that Coach Cal was just honored as Coach of the Year!


How about them apples to all the Calipari haters?!  Cal coached the young team in all the right ways and even took the heat for the loss, saying it was entirely his fault that Kentucky didn’t beat Wisconsin.  The trolls will say that Cal isn’t giving props to the Wisconsin players for playing a great game…so what?  He’s National Coach of the Year!

     2. This Kentucky team accomplished an amazing stat…undefeated for 38 games straight! 


Of course everyone wanted 40-0 and everyone on Kentucky’s team wanted it too. But the Wildcats made history for this season and even though the Wisconsin loss can never be erased, a 38 streak cannot be diminished!

     3.  Kentucky Basketball is legit. Even though we couldn’t realize the 40-0 goal to win this year’s championship, we should not hang our heads at all. Countless articles, broadcasts and pundits spent time strategizing how teams could beat Kentucky!  Kentucky will have an awesome team and will be at the top again for the 2015-2016 season. No doubt. 


Cauley-Stein (and other teammates yet to announce) will have an amazing NBA career. These guys…not so much. People only hate on Kentucky because Kentucky is so good.  If Kentucky were mediocre, then no one would be creating 38andone hating websites. Kentucky’s legendary tradition cannot be duplicated. Just ask Rick Pitino. 

So, Big Blue Nation fans…focus on all we possess and have yet to accomplish as we recruit, train and execute for 2015-2016 season!!

4. Update…this just happened!


Coach Calipari was just named as a 2015 inductee into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame!!