Monday Motivation | Eternally Encouraging

Monday Motivation | Eternally Encouraging

It’s Monday, again.


Your freshly built weekend optimism has dissolved. 

But there is One who strengthens, offers good hope and eternally encourages us


So if you’re at the end of your motivation, turn to the One who encourages.


We need You…especially on Mondays.

Strengthen our minds.

Strengthen our hearts.

Strengthen our spirits.

Help us accept Your good hope.

Help us receive Your encouragement…Your eternal encouragement.

Help us as we move in Your strength to do good deeds and speak good words so we may shine like the sun.


Shine on!

A Summer Break Prayer


We’ve just returned from the beach, and easing (or more like ramping up) into our often hectic summer break rhythm.

Summer’s significantly shorter with our school calendar and so we cram lots of traveling and fun experiences while we have the chance!  But, the fast pace can lead to a diminishing of joy during a summer break!  Odd, huh?

So, here’s prayer to pray while you’re cramming wonderful summer life experiences during the break!

Our Father,

Thank You for this season of sun, new daily rhythms and exploring Your world and connecting with friends and family!

Help us to enjoy these days, taking pleasure in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. 

Let us make the most in the waiting (airport gates, interstate traffic, amusement park lines, ballgame traffic) and find joy in the now, with our tribe, our people. 

Help us find a quiet spot in the hustle of summer where we can hear Your voice, see Your beauty, and taste Your goodness in this season!

Help us love more deeply and make the most of the time with our children, the silly and the serious, the easy and the tough. 

Help us to celebrate each day and savor these days of summer.

Let us be administrators of Your grace and give freely and often!



Prayer for the Week|Memorial Day

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery

Today is Memorial Day, a federal U.S. Holiday remembering our fallen soldiers in all wars and conflicts. Many of us get this holiday confused with Veteran’s Day which celebrates all who have served in our U.S. Military branches. 

If you have never made the journey to Arlington National Cemetery, you must do so in order to understand our nation’s sacrifice for freedom. Words cannot describe it, you must simply go. Although permitted, my soul couldn’t bear to snap a photo of the seas of white tombstones there. It’s not a backdrop of a movie set, it’s the sacred ground of shed blood for freedom. 

Arlington isn’t the only place of final rest for our fallen soldiers.  I have visited the USS Arizona Memorial/ Pearl Harbor Shrine as well.


USS “Arizona” Memorial|Pearl Harbor Shrine
Inside the USS “Arizona” Memorial
There are too many other cemeteries that claim our soldiers…Shiloh, Gettysburg, Flanders Field, Normandy, Manilla, and the list goes on. 

I have been fortunate to visit Arlington and watch the solemn changing of the guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers several times. 

The soldier stands guard no matter what time of day or weather condition.   

These soldiers are hand picked to be a part of the elite honor guard.    

And so, to the men and women soldiers who gave all in defending and dying for our freedom and the freedom of others, a prayer for today. 

Our Father,

We pray for the families of our fallen soldiers today, those who have lost brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, aunts and uncles while serving the US.  

We ask for Your comfort and peace, Jesus when they remember the sacrifice, loss and pain that can never be forgotten. 

We pray for the families of those who are caught in the uncertainty of this day, not knowing whether their loved one is alive or dead.

 Give them strength and hope, Jesus 

We ask for protection of all our soldiers serving her and abroad in the task of protecting freedom. 

We pray that Your kingdom come Father, that Your Peace reign Jesus, and that our world would begin to reflect heaven here and now. 

Help us, as messengers of Your Good News, be peacemakers in the conflicts we face in our communities.

May we be an instrument of Your peace. 

May our nation’s leaders seek Your wisdom in world conflicts and crises, may we honor You.

Guide our nation’s leaders Holy Spirit, that they may participate in Your Kingdom’s arrival and not hinder it. 

We pray that one day swords will be beat into plowshares.  

Help us not to look away from conflict but to engage our world in the Prince of Peace by facing conflict unafraid.  

We give thanks for Your mercies and protection of our country.


A Prayer for the Weekday Mama

Before I write out my week’s schedule.. a prayer

I hope each of you fantastic Mamas had a wonderful celebration of Mother’s Day yesterday. I’m guessing today instead of flowers and breakfast in bed you’re facing a mound of laundry, end of school awards, projects, parties, recitals, celebrations while all wonderful, can still be overwhelming.  

So, here’s a prayer for the Weekday Mama, for the grind and getting it done! Before the To Do lists and the oh my goodness I’ve got To Do panics, stop for prayer.

Our Most Kind Father,

Thank You for this day.

In the midst of rising anxiety about all that needs to be done, help me to rest easy in You.

Remind me to cast my anxiety on You because You truly care for me.

Help me to order my day, order my schedule to provide breathing room to spend time with You to catch Your Holy Spirit Breath; breathe Your Living Word into my heart and mind as a run errands and shuttle kids.

Give me a merciful and gracious spirit when my child makes that last minute request, when I learn of a school performance that conflicts with another child’s ball practice, when I would love to lose my mind!  

Remind me of Your unfailing love for me as well as each of my family members and Your strength is mad perfect in my weakness.

Give me joy and peace this busy Monday that I may show others that I serve You as I’m serving my family in the everyday.


Blessings for a wonderful, grace filled Monday and may God reveal a glimpse of His power at work in your life today!!

A Prayer for the Week:  It’s Simply Tuesday

My minivan this Tuesday…hot yoga gear, bikes still in the car from Sunday’s ride and strewn candy wrappers.


Every week,  Emily P. Freeman hosts #ItsSimplyTuesday Instagram photo posts where everyone can share their ordinary Tuesday’s. Tuesday is ordinary, but it’s where our life is lived, inbetween Sunday bike rides and weekend car rides where kids eat candy and leave wrappers behind. 

So, even though it isn’t Sunday (beginning of the week) or Monday (beginning of the work week) in honor of #ItsSimplyTuesday, I’m offering a prayer for the rest of the week. 


It’s Tuesday and our week is too full already.  

Over scheduling, fast approaching deadlines and just remembered school projects crowd into our already filled out planners. 

We feel overwhelmed and underprepared. And we admit we feel a bit unloving towards our spouse and children. 

Lord, help us extend mercy  to our spouse and children and help them meet their goals. 

Give us grace to let go of our inked agendas and make room for Your agenda, Your priorities this week.  

Lord, help us to enjoy these busy moments and hectic schedules in this season of our life and to relax our faces and smile.  Give smiles to our loved ones and smiles to strangers. 

Lord, remind us that You speak in the still and quiet moments and lead us to those quiet places to hear Your voice. 

Thank You for Your Kindness, forgiveness and every good gift You give us through Your abundance and the good gifts we enjoy when we show Your love to those we meet daily.

Help us to become whom You have called each of us to be in Christ. 


A Prayer for Holy Week


We are now journeying through Holy Week.   The joy and celebration of Palm Sunday is behind us, and the children’s cries of “Hosanna” have faded away. If we are to follow Jesus this week, He will lead us through experiences that require something from us…faith, perseverance, and a recognition and acknowledgement of our our sin and selfish human limitations.  

A Prayer For Holy Week

Our Lord Father,

We’ve raise our palm branches and praised Your Son

We’ve felt the rush of adrenalin of the crowd and spectacle and pure emotion of Jesus our King,

And yet, this week, the crowds dispersed, readying themselves for the next spectacle on Friday;

Father, keep our eyes open to our selfish behavior

Where we would rather enjoy a mob emotion of adoration and praise than seek the lonely Garden in the late hours to spend time in prayer with You;

Father, keep our hearts open to our self righteous behavior

When You prepare a table in the midst of our enemies and all we want to do is point fingers at someone else, not understanding we too are enemies of Your Son;

Father, keep our spirits aware of our self-preservation instinct 

When we betray our Savior because we do not have faith that You are greater than any circumstance on Earth;

Father, keep our feet closely behind Jesus’ feet,

All the way to the foot of the cross

 And on Easter Morning, Holy Spirit

Help our feet carry the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection! 


Thawing Out After the Big Snow:  A Prayer for the Week

Thawing Out After the Big Snow: A Prayer for the Week



This morning as I looked out I finally saw some ground…the snow is melting, although slowly with temps not rising about freezing today.  After a week of snow, more snow, ice and rain…being able to see brown earth in blinding bright snow is welcomed!

Last week’s foot of snow was an unusual and unexpected event here in southern Kentucky.  It forced folks to stay off the roads, conserve electrical use, guard against freezing pipes,  stay inside with their family and slow down.   Ready or not!

Of course, no one really slowed down, with DVRs, the internet and social media readily available.  We all were still connected 24/7.  And yet, things did slow down.  All schools were closed.  Some roads were closed.  Some  businesses were closed.  Severe weather can still bring obstacles that will literally stop us in our car tracks.

Perhaps, though, besides creating obstacles, a huge snowstorm can also create opportunities.  We can seize those moments of stillness, contemplation,  deeper conversations with family members around a kitchen table with no pressure of cutting the conversation short to run that errand, meet that deadline, go to that meeting.

God created the Sabbath…but nowadays, Sabbath is hard to find on a physical day as Sunday is just another day of the week to be fully scheduled.  And yet, His Creation offers “built in” Sabbaths for those who see them.

One hand full of rest is better than two fists full of labor and striving after wind. (Ecclesiastes 4:6, NASB)

Yes, LORD, this.  We create fists full of labor and futile striving, He gives us rest.  So here’s a prayer for us all this week of thawing out.

Dear Father,

Thank You for Your gift of Sabbath this past week.  May we recognize the snow as a gift, a time to pause, to slow down and draw near to You.

As we journey through this Monday and the rest of our week, may we find the spaces and places where You have called us each to Sabbath rest.  May we be obedient and rest in those spaces and places.  

May we rest easy in Your mercy and grace, new each morning, to meet us where we are and where You  want to lead us.   

May we see Your Kingdom this week and take time to show Your mercy and grace to those who need it most.

In Your Holy Name, Jesus, Amen.

How has the snow given you a Sabbath?  Where has God shown you a Sabbath unexpectedly in your daily schedule?  Share below in the comments!