A Prayer for the Week:  It’s Simply Tuesday

My minivan this Tuesday…hot yoga gear, bikes still in the car from Sunday’s ride and strewn candy wrappers.


Every week,  Emily P. Freeman hosts #ItsSimplyTuesday Instagram photo posts where everyone can share their ordinary Tuesday’s. Tuesday is ordinary, but it’s where our life is lived, inbetween Sunday bike rides and weekend car rides where kids eat candy and leave wrappers behind. 

So, even though it isn’t Sunday (beginning of the week) or Monday (beginning of the work week) in honor of #ItsSimplyTuesday, I’m offering a prayer for the rest of the week. 


It’s Tuesday and our week is too full already.  

Over scheduling, fast approaching deadlines and just remembered school projects crowd into our already filled out planners. 

We feel overwhelmed and underprepared. And we admit we feel a bit unloving towards our spouse and children. 

Lord, help us extend mercy  to our spouse and children and help them meet their goals. 

Give us grace to let go of our inked agendas and make room for Your agenda, Your priorities this week.  

Lord, help us to enjoy these busy moments and hectic schedules in this season of our life and to relax our faces and smile.  Give smiles to our loved ones and smiles to strangers. 

Lord, remind us that You speak in the still and quiet moments and lead us to those quiet places to hear Your voice. 

Thank You for Your Kindness, forgiveness and every good gift You give us through Your abundance and the good gifts we enjoy when we show Your love to those we meet daily.

Help us to become whom You have called each of us to be in Christ. 


Tuesday Tip-Goof Proof Your Vitamin Routine!

Good Tuesday!, everyone!  Each Tuesday I’ll post a quick tip that has made my life easier.  Today, it’s all about creating a routine to take my daily vitamin and allergy medicine.

Maybe you have the same problem as I.  You jump out of bed in the morning, rush to make breakfast for everyone and make sure they leave the house with their book bag/homework/ lunch and then get yourself ready as well and then, BAM!  Midway through a work meeting you remember you forgot to take your allergy medicine and/or vitamin.

That scenario happened so frequently for me you’d think I’d remember how many times I forgot , right?  Obviously, my routine of allergy med/vitamins at the breakfast table wasn’t cutting it. Too much going on in a short amount of time.

My solution?  Change the location of my pills from the kitchen island to my bathroom ….the last bastion of privacy in a busy household.

Because the older I get the less I actually remember taking a pill, I picked up a days of the week pill box that would fit in my top right bathroom drawer.

Every Sunday I load the box with vitamins and now with Spring’s arrival, my allergy medicine.  It fits perfectly in my drawer!


And, with one quick glance, I can see if I’ve taken the pills yet or even forgot the day before!  The best part…it’s ready to go when I pack for trips!

This new routine has been a game  changer for me as I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now!

What basic goof-proof routines do you use to keep you on track ?  Share in the comments below!

It’s Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday!


It’s Tuesday and in honor of Emily P. Freeman’s weekly focus on Tuesday moments, I am documenting mine today. You can follow or participate in Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #itssimplytuesday.

First, I am so happy that Krispy Kreme opened it’s 1,000th store today in Kansas City because nationwide they’re giving everyone who stops by their store a free donut! What?!! Back when I lived in Atlanta, Krispy Kreme meant stopping when the “Hot Now” neon sign was lit! I’m so happy Krispy Kreme finally came back to Bowling Green, Kentucky!


Second, I am thankful for the free wifi at Starbucks. I’m sipping the pineapple herbal hot tea and it’s delicious!! Definitely worth trying!


And lastly, ( because points are made in threes, right?) I am thankful for 35 degree temperatures and sunshine today!

How’s your Tuesday going? Is it simple or complicated?