Hello, November!

Hello, November!


My view these last few days
We literally flew into November, arriving back to the US just a few days ago after spending an amazing week in Madrid, Spain.  

While I’ll be sharing about Madrid’s sights and sounds here shortly, today it’s all about welcoming November.


I can’t be the only one who doesnt reset her watch to make sure my “smart phone” switches to the correct time?

Hello to gaining the hour back! As much as I loathe the darkness falling at 4:30 pm here in Kentucky, I’m ecstatic over getting the stolen hour back! Let’s stop all this daylight savings foolishness!


My first #30daysofthanksgiving post this year! So thankful for my amazing husband that I get to travel through life together!

Hello to 30 Days of Thankfulness!  November reminds us of all we have been given and should stop and acknowledge our blessings on Thanksgiving Day.  Over the past few years I have participated in expressing my daily thankfulness on social media by using the hashtag #30daysofThanksgiving .  


The squirrels should be happy until I get the leaf blower out!

Hello to Preparation!  Currently I’m watching the squirrels on our back deck scamper around hiding their acorns and getting ready for Winter. The squirrels remind me I have to prepare as well.  First, my home needs proper winterization if the Farmers Almanac is correct! Second, the inside of our home needs preparation for Fall decor (not Halloween and not Christmas!) Third, my heart needs preparation for Advent as it arrives at the end of November. 


Starbucks can be found even in Madrid!
Hello to enjoying the last of… I know I’m different, but I enjoy the last of anything…last of the Fall leaves,  the last of the local apples, the last of Starbuck’s Fall coffee cups,  the last of mowing grass/pulling weeds, last of the hot days.  The ending of one enjoyment gives way to the first of new enjoyments!  

So, hello November!  Here’s to the extra hour, daily thanksgiving, preparing for Winter and enjoying the last of Autumn and its pleasures!

What are you saying hello to this November?  Do you enjoy this month or is it one that causes you to happily say goodbye at its end?  

Let’s keep the conversation going!  Join me in the comments section!