Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Ready or not….it’s December 25th!   


Merry Christmas!!

Whether your Christmas be little or big, I certainly hope your Christmas is merry!!

I’ve marked this Advent season…


…lighting a candle and reflecting upon each Advent word that Jesus brings us all.

And today, as we celebrate His birth my heart again is overflowing with joy and humility at how our Creator brought His Son Jesus into this world.

I share here part of a hymn written by Charles Wesley in 1745. This hymn is no longer sung in churches, but first came to my attention in my seminary Liturgy class years ago.

Who now would be great,

And not rather wait

On Jesus, their Lord, in His humble estate?

Like Him I would be,

My Master I see

In a stable; a stable shall satisfy me.

With Him I reside:

The Manger shall hide

Mine Honour; the Manger shall bury my pride. 

-Charles Wesley, Hymns for the Nativity of our Lord


Jesus is Born!

As we continue to celebrate and worship during this Christmas season, I pray we continue to humble ourselves at the manger and leave our pride there.

Blessings to you and your family this Christmas Season!