Easy Valentine’s Day Sweet Rolls

Easy Valentine’s Day Sweet Rolls


Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

Hope you’re braving the Arctic vortex warmly this weekend…it’s presently snowing again in Kentucky and the forecast calls for more snow.

Maybe you’re excited about Valentine’s falling on the weekend and want to do something special for breakfast…something Martha Stewart Pinterest worthy but zero effort!  I mean, you’ve already pulled out all the stops for your child’s Valentine’s Day box!

I’ve got the sweetest solution for your dilemma!  I saw this idea earlier this week on the Today Show…but, thought of a nifty improvement…mini sweet rolls! 

This is what you need:

  • Can of normal sized  8 count cinnamon rolls you find in the dairy aisle
  • A knife
  • A cookie sheet
  • An oven

The End.

I’ll walk you through the steps:

Step 1:

 Buy the cinnamon roll regular sized 8 count (it will make 16 per this hack)

Dont buy the giant sized can…buy the 8 count regular sized sweet rolls…these Pillsbury ones are yummy!

Step 2:

Set aside the frosting (on the left) and get out a sharp knife!  

Step 3:

Separate the 8 cinnamon rolls…each will look like this one.  

Step 4:

Unroll the cinnamon roll.  

Step 5:

Cut the length of the unrolled cinnamon roll in half…just eye ball it!

Step 6:

Take each end of one of the halves of the cinnamon roll and roll each end toward the middle, then pinch the bottom to make it heart-shaped. 

Just like snowflakes, each heart will be different!!

Step 7:

Finish the roll and place on cookie sheet into oven per baking directions.  I didn’t have to cut the time of the baking even though the rolls were smaller!  

Step 8:

After baking , frost cinnamon rolls and enjoy!  

Of course, you could make normal sized heart shaped cinnamon rolls…but the mini size is so sweet and cute!!!


These mini heart shaped cinnamon rolls would be sweet tucked inside your child’s lunch box or for an after school treat! 

How are you spending Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart(s)?  I’d love to hear!