“Super Easy Bowl” Chicken Salad & Yay…Happy Groundhog Day!!

“Super Easy Bowl” Chicken Salad & Yay…Happy Groundhog Day!!

Y’all…Happiest of Groundhog Day to ya!  I can’t even begin to share how much this silly holiday means to me!  

First, it’s a day where a groundhog predicts how long winter will last. Second, there’s more than one groundhog prognosticator! 

Yep, besides the famous Punxsutawney Phil of  Pennsylvania, featured in Groundhog Day, I’ve met the southern groundhog gent, General Beauregard Lee of Atlanta!  Impressive, right?

I don’t care what either groundhog prognosticates as long as it means Spring is on its way.  

Third, if you haven’t seen the movie Groundhog Day…remedy that situation.  Better yet, watch it a couple of times so you fully appreciate this classic movie. Bill Murray…sigh.  

Aw, Phil…you crazy guy!! | image via Parade.com

But on with the chicken salad recipe!!  Y’all I made this crazy good chicken salad last week and it would be perfect to being for a Super Bowl party!  Best of all, it’s super easy! 

If you need a pep talk about chicken salad, then read my post here because chicken salad is best when it’s eyeballed measured. That’s the joy of chicken salad!

Here’s what I used:

This is it…nothing up my sleeve!
“Super Easy Bowl” Chicken Salad Recipe 

  • Leftover chicken baked chicken tenders, chopped up (about 6 chicken tenders)
  • 3 stalks of celery chopped (eyeball to ratio of chicken)
  • A generous dollop of mayonnaise (I use Just Mayo )
  • A few shakes of Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce (to taste…a little hot but also sweet!)
  • A few shakes of onion powder (no cutting)
  • Salt to taste (didn’t even put in pepper…I’m such a rebel)
  • A few squirts of lemon juice (no cutting up and squeezing!)

That’s it!  Of course, add more of whatever to get the flavors right but it’s so simple and so good!  This chicken salad has just enough kick for a Super Bowl party but it won’t scald your mouth!  Serve it with triscuits and you’re good to go!!

So yummy!!!

Do you get silly over Groundhog Day or is it just me?  Who are you cheering on to win the Super Bowl or are you just waiting to see Coldplay & Beyonce at the halftime show?  Let me know in the comments!

    Tuesday Tips | Cleaning Caddy Organization 

    Tuesday Tips | Cleaning Caddy Organization 


    Ah…the joys of organization!
    Today I’m discussing the super serious topic of cleaning caddies. Yes, it’s a controversial subject, but I’m willing to hit it head on, wink wink!

    Seriously, if I can establish some order, ease and prettiness in cleaning my home’s bathrooms, Imma gonna do it. 

    So here’s what works for me. And fair warning, this post may seem like a Target as (it’s not) but we all agree that Target most often has the prettiest designed items, right?

    The Caddy

    This is here my love/hate relationship kicks in with Target. As in Target stocks awesome seasonal merchandise that you see once and boom, it’s gone. 

    Here’s the love:

    You will regret seeing this caddy because its rarely spotted on Target shelves!

    This caddy is metal with wooden handles and perfect, simply perfect , for carrying cleaning bottles/products.  It makes its brief appearance in Target in May, before Memorial Day, in Target’s seasonal picnic supplies area. 

    See, it’s supposed to be a caddy for your plastic ware. The caddy comes in different colors and cost is between $14-16.  You cannot order this caddy online.  I’ve made it to Target the last 2 years to pick up extras and the shelves are bare.  It’s my great white whale. 


    See what I’m talking about?  It’s perf!  I seriously don’t understand why Target doesn’t sell these year round, because they could!  Sigh. 

    Moving on, I tried to find an alternate caddy (for myself and to recommend) and also found this at Target: 

    Another pretty Target item!

    Again, this is a seasonal item as well, but it lingers much much longer than the metal caddy!  You can find this item during dorm room season in the dorm supplies section. Dorm room season for Target runs from around June to end of August.  At my local Target there were a few of these left at the end of dorm season!


    This caddy has pockets!
    This has lots more room if you need it for extra supplies and it has pockets on both sides!! I use this caddy upstairs and I’m happy to report I can also put my stash of garbage bags in one interior section as well when I’m taking out trash! Win!

    Must Have Cleaning Items 

    My prized tools when cleaning bathrooms!

     Microfiber Cloths:

    First up, the green, yellow, pink and blue microfiber cloths can be found here online at Target and in their stores. The 6 pack comes with 2 blue, 2 pink and 1 each of the green and yellow. I buy the six pack for the yellow and green microfiber cloths.  They. Are. The. Best. 

    The yellow cloth is for windows and mirrors and it is amazing how it cleans without leaving any streaks.  The green cloth is the thickest and best microfiber cloth I have ever use from any brand. I wish Target would just sell the yellow and green cloths separately in packs because, man, I would so buy them up!  The pink cloth is for furniture and the blue cloth is for scrubbing hard areas, but in all honesty, the yellow and green cloths are the stars!

    Glass Cleaner:

    I’m 99% natural cleaning products and I’ve made many a vinegar spray bottle to clean glass, but I Can See Clearly Now glass cleaner is all natural, smells unvinegary and works great!  Otherwise, I do use vinegar water!

    All Purpose Spray

    This is natural and I’ve discussed it here in a previous post!  I’ve been using this recipe for years and get great results!


    You probably noticed the Lysol Dual Action Wipes poking out of my caddy!  All I have to say is the toilet bowl is where I draw the line in all natural products!! I really like the dual action as each wipe’s material is like a scrubber and let’s just say, sometimes you have to scrub the toilet!!

    Also in the photo is a used toothbrush and one of two of the OXO Deep Clean Brush Set which are the perfect tools to scrub grout or drains, etc.

    So there you have it!  These caddies are how I roll when cleaning the bathrooms in my home!  They sure make a not so fun task a little bit more cheerier!

    What are your must have cleaning products?  I’d love to hear! Am I the only one who needs a bit of pretty to get through the bathroom cleaning?

    Easy Curry Chicken Salad!

    Easy Curry Chicken Salad!


    Yummy chicken salad!
    My authentic Southern girl roots begin to show when I begin craving some chicken salad!

    Just like potato salad, every Southern lady’s chicken salad is just a little different! My admiration of the lowly chicken salad only elevated after living in Atlanta for several years!  My word, the Georgia ladies know their chicken salad!

    For years I followed various chicken salad recipes precisely but could not replicate the magic. Until I learned the first secret of making chicken salad…don’t measure anything!

    Once I grasped this chicken salad prepping concept, everything changed! It freed my mind to focus on flavors and combinations rather than precisely measuring  ingredients!  And…the chicken salad magic happened!!!

    So…trust your instincts, eyeballing and tastebuds and create your own magical chicken salad!

    Curry Chicken Salad

    • Cooked chicken, shredded or chopped (I boil my chicken for about 20 minutes that I’ll be using in casseroles, etc. so if there’s leftover cooked chicken, I use this)
    • Mayonnaise
    • 3-4 stalks of chopped celery
    • Generous handful of cashews, chopped
    • Heaping 1/2 teaspoon of mild curry powder (adjust to taste)
    • Lemon juice from 1 lemon
    • 2 tablespoons of Trader Joe’s Mango Ginger Chutney
    • Salt and pepper to taste

      Combine all in a bowl, taste, adjust seasoning as necessary.  If you can control yourself, refrigerate for at least an hour to let all the flavors begin to blend!  After mixing, I sometimes add more mayo or salt or whatnot for taste!

      About mayo.  I’m trying to eliminate processed food, but my at home mayo attempts have been more miss than hit. Ugh. The waste. Ugh. The clean up. I’m also eliminating as much soy from my diet as possible so it’s been frustrating to find a quality store mayo not made with soybean oil. 

      I actually hadn’t made chicken salad because of the dilemma until I found this: 

      Amazing…vegan, Non-GMO and yummy! (but don’t tell my husband!)

      I found Just Mayo at Walmart.  Yes, Walmart!  It’s vegan, canola oil, non-GMO certified, economical and delicious.  Seriously, you will want to slather Just Mayo on everything!!  Bless you Walmart!!

      Trader Joe’s Mango Ginger Chutney

      This is sooo good with minimal ingredients!!

      Shauna Niequist first turned me on to Trader Joe’s Mango Ginger Chutney when I tried her Key Largo Burgers from her essay/recipe book Bread and Wine.  Sadly, we do not live close to a Trader Joe’s (Trader Joe’s could you fix that please in Bowling Green, Kentucky?) so I first scoured the local grocery store shelves for mango chutney. Let’s just say, what you find in the normal grocery stores leaves something to be desired. 

      So, when I made my first pilgrimage to Trader Joe’s, I found it and stocked up on it.  Like hoarder status. Because, it’s amazing. I use it in the burgers, chicken salad, sauces and even as a spread on sandwiches. So good!

      So, be fearless with chicken salad!  Make your own crazy flavored chicken salad with what you have on hand!  

      What are your favorite chicken salad combinations?  Are you lucky enough to have a local Trader Joe’s?  

      Tuesday Tip | Easy Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

      Tuesday Tip | Easy Homemade All Purpose Cleaner


      Yay!!! It’s September and Tuesday!!!
      Happy Tuesday y’all and even more so, Happy September!  I’m so excited that September’s arrived!

      Maybe it’s the three days straight of 8 plus hours sleep (empty nest yay!) I’ve been getting or maybe it’s the glimpse of cooler days ahead, but I am giddy today!  

      I agree with Gretchen Rubin  that September is the new  January and I’m seriously happy for a new consistent routine!  Do you feel the same?

      On most Tuesdays I’ll try to give a quick tip that I’ve found helpful in my work, housework or all around good-to-know.

      For years, I’ve been super sensitive to store bought cleaners.  All types of cleaning agents…laundry detetergent, counter sprays, floor cleaners, you name it. When I would come in contact with these cleaners my body would break out in itchy hives. 

      After being hive-free for years (thankfully my former workplace switched to organic cleaning products) last week I innocently rested my elbows on a table at a school event and by the time I got home, was covered in hives. Ugh. 

      So, today I’m sharing a homemade all purpose spray recipe I found on I Heart Organizing .

      Thankfully, I’ve been using this cleaning recipe for over a year and have stuck with it. It’s simple and cheap but the most important factor is that it actually works!  


      Three ingredients is all it takes!
      The recipe I use is I Heart Organizing All Purpose Cleaner.  Click HERE for additional household cleaning recipes.

      I Heart Organizing All Purpose Cleaner

      • 1 Cup of Distilled Water
      • 1 Tablespoon of Castile Liquid Soap
      • 10 Drops of Essential Oil
      • Combine into spray bottle and shake before each use

       I upcycled an old Method all purpose spray bottle. For this bottle I triple the recipe. I use unscented Castile liquid soap with essential lemon oil but you could use whatever soap/fragrance combination you liked. 

      That’s it!  Are you feeling the excitement of September or is it just me?  Let me know in the comments!  

        Tuesday Tips | Healthy,  Quick & Easy Back to School Dinner

        Tuesday Tips | Healthy,  Quick & Easy Back to School Dinner


        Even better than learning their ABC’s would be my personal minion to make dinners!
        We are already in the back to school grind around here in Kentucky and one pesky thing that always  catches me off guard is a healthy, quick and easy dinner when everyone’s coming in from all directions and the teens want. to. eat. NOW!

        But…I can’t go any further without mentioning…it’s Tuesday! The Tuesday where today Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman is available to buy!!  And,  you can enter here for a chance to win this book! 

        OK…back to the quick, easy and healthy school night dinner!!


        Starvation strategy whilst I’m preparing the said dinner!
        This veggie/cheese/cracker/whatever appetizer plate has been a lifesaver and game changer when famished stomachs hit the door wanting dinner NOW! (See a theme here?).

         In the morning, I chop up red peppers or cucumbers/carrots/celery and then when we get home, throw the veggies on a tray, add the wheat thins, cubed cheese and pistachio nuts (or olives) and then add my secret weapon…yogurt ranch dip dressing!  I do get the good stuff in the refrigerated produce section because my husband hates yogurt but he loves this dip!!

        While they’re munching on this awesome tray, it buys me time to make this simple, fast and health meal…pizza!  Yes, pizza’s always easy & a winner but this is much healthier!

         Bethann’s Tomato Basil Pesto Pizza

        This easy meal will add years & sanity to your life!

        • Whole wheat pizza crust (make sure it says 100 % whole wheat)
        • Fresh mozzarella (for extra quickness, buy the presliced version)
        • Cream cheese, softened(I try to always buy organic)
        • Fresh basil pesto (you can find it interesting deli refrigerated area or refrigerated pasta section)
        • Fresh tomatoes (I got mine from my Dad’s garden!)

        First, I slice the tomatoes and lay them on paper towels to help dry them out a bit.


        So delicious!
        Next, spread soften cream cheese for the first layer.


        I definitely do not use the whole brock of cream cheese! I could, but then it wouldnt be healthy!
        Then, spoon and spread on the basil pesto…

        Yum! I also sparing spread the pesto…a little goes a long way!

        Now it’s time for those gorgeous tomatoes!

        And finally…the fresh mozzarella!!   

        You could sprinkle chopped up fresh basil here, but I’m all about easy so I just put some black peoper on top! Then pop it into the oven and bake per the crust’s directions.


        The finished product!
        It couldn’t be easier…assembling this bad boy took maybe 5 minutes?!


        Sooooooo gooooooood!
        The adults did drizzle balsamic vinegar on top of the slices and that made this simple pizza even more fabulous!!

        Of course, you can add any kind of topping you wish.  The cream cheese/pesto base is amazing and I’ve made this pizza with bacon, spinach and shredded Italian cheeses as toppings as well!

        What quick, easy and healthy dinner meal has been saving your life lately?  Share in the comments below!!

        Tuesday Tips | Simply Tuesday

        Tuesday Tips | Simply Tuesday

        Found my bench to sit, rest and listen.

        Happy Tuesday y’all!  I’ve been here, there and yonder this summer exploring, adventuring and making memories with my family.  But for a few weeks, I’ll be home and back here writing. And reading. 

        I’m humbled and super excited to be a part of Emily P. Freeman’s new book launch Simply Tuesday:  Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World which releases August 18th!!!  I’m almost finished reading the advance copy and y’all…it’s so good.  I’m devouring yet savoring her thoughtful words at the same time. Emily brilliantly writes about the small and ordinary of life, how these moments are part of His kingdom and where Jesus meets us.   I’ll be bringing y’all a review once I’ve finished reading and absorbing all food for my soul. 

        So many pages in my book are highlighted and marked up.

        Until the book review…you can preorder Simply Tuesday (which just happens to be #1 new release in Christian Spiritual Growth!) on  Amazon for $7.85. That’s 48% off the cover price of $14!!  Order now and your future self will thank you!

        Every Tuesday, I join Emily P. Freeman  and friends celebrating the small, quiet, simple pleasures of Tuesdays. You can join us to, simply by using the hashtag #ItsSimplyTuesday on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.   Just tag your everyday Tuesday goings on and join the community who notices the joys of smallness Tuesdays bring. 

        Here’s mine for today:

        After so many days of afternoon pop up showers I simply enjoyed watching the sunlight and shadows sweep over my neighbor’s farm this morning. 

        What’s your #ItsSimplyTuesday moment? I’d love to hear!  Share in the comments below!


        Tuesday Tips | Laundry Stain Removal Remedy to the Rescue!

        Tuesday Tips | Laundry Stain Removal Remedy to the Rescue!


        Searching for the sunrise in North Myrtle Beach!
        Shutting down Magic Kingdom one last time!

        Hello Peeps!  We’ve returned from nearly back to back vacations (I know, rough life, huh?) and I’m eyeball deep in loads and loads of laundry. 

        Vacations are awesome until the suitcases get unpacked. And with my crew, we have a few messy amongst us and inevitably there will be stains on certain family members’ clothes!

        I confess I’m great at messes myself. For years I’ve searched high and low for the holy grail of stain removal.  Especially, when I have the knack of dribbling it on the front of my tops!

        I’ve tried homemade remedies (baking soda paste, aspirin, etc.) as well as Shout  and other stain removal sticks. None would get my crazy stains completely out. Until this gem:


        Magic in a Bottle!
        This magic cleaner is Better Life’s Natural Stain & Odor Eliminator. You can buy it here and can find it in some retail locations. 

        I adore this product and no, I am not sponsored by Better Life or have any financial interest in their company. 

        First, it’s all natural!  Yay!  I’m extemely sensitive to chemicals in cleaning products and even break out in hives. So, a natural, effective cleaning product is a must!

        Second, it works!  I know I should post before and after photos of the stains and how it completely removes them, but trust me that this spray completely removes stains.  Every time. 

        I simply spray it on the stain, sometimes as I’m waiting for the other load to finish, but more likely I spray it right before it goes into the wash.

        I have removed the following stains with this product:

        • Chocolate
        • Ketchup
        • Mustard
        • Salad Dressing
        • Rust
        • Grime
        • Blood

        They have all come out and to boot, smell faintly of eucalyptus!  

        The odor removal component works as well… I use it on especially smelly yoga gear and after the wash, the funky smell is gone!

        So, as I continue to work through the loads of laundry, my task is made much easier because of this spray!

        And, if you’ve read my earlier posts, you spied we went to Walt Disney World one last time!  I’ll be posting an updated list of things to do and tips at each of the parks!

        Am I the only one that has trouble with stains?  How do you remove tough stains?  Let me know in the comments!!

        Tuesday Tips|Organized Mani/Pedi Caddy


        Happy Tuesday!  I hope y’all had a great long weekend and were able to spend it with friends and family!

        Now that Summer’s around the corner (along with sandal/flip flop season) it’s time to get the feet presentable!

        I don’t know about you, but areas of my life have Duh moments.  For example, after years of corralling and chasing down mani/pedi tools I realized I could corral those pesky items in a portable caddy.  Especially since manis/pedis occur during TV viewing and all the gals in the household participate…I desparately needed one caddy/location for this task (or obsessive preoccupation with the younger girls!)

        Enter the Mani/Pedi caddy!

        A Moveable Feast of Mani/Pedi Goodness!
        Life changing.

        And here’s it’s permanent home underneath my bathroom sink.

        Home sweet home!

        It’s the little things sometimes that make the biggest difference!

        Of course, you can put whatever you wish in your own caddy, which I scored for $2 at the Target One Spot.  You can find these caddys every few months!

        Here’s what’s in mine:

        To make me feel as though I’m getting a professional pedicure, I love these toe spacers!  The smiling faces are a bonus!  

        The IGo aloe scented nail polish remover pads (in the circle containers) are amazing!  I found mine at Walmart and the absolutely work!  And, they are perfect for travel.

        Also a favorite is the Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser Balm which is gentle and effective!

        Now, for the nitty gritty!


        • Butter London Kitten Heels Powder It keeps feet moisturized and powder dry in your sandals!
        • Butter London Heel Stick Rub on your dry cracked hooves (I mean heels) to smooth them out!  Contains an enzyme to break down the rough skin!
        • Orange Sticks To push back cuticles, help with nail polish, etc. There is no substitute for an orange stick and they are cheap. I buy mine at Walmart. 

        Files , buffers & more files! 

        I clip my nails (I know, I know) but also file and buff them. The BEST file I have, hands down, is my Sally Hansen curved diamond nail file. The link will take you to a sapphire nail file (apparantly new and improved)! A diamond nail file is tough but fine and will last for years.  Also, the curved feature helps shape your nail as you file. 

        I contain all these files and clippers (especially the clippers because they disappear) in this upcycled gold duct taped decorated container:


        The joys of gold duct tape!

        Yes, these Almay eye remover plastic tubs are pure gold (wink) for using after the eye wipes are long gone.  

        My Butter London nail laquer stash!

        Although I love all nail polish, I’m particular to Butter London (pricy, but I only buy when on sale or I have an Ulta coupon).  

        Why Butter London?  Well, first and foremost, the nail polish is excellent; but, more importantly, Butter London was one of the first nail polish companies to be Formaldehyde free along with other toxic chemicals.  You can read more here.

        Besides, I’m a huge Anglophile and love the colours and polish names!:)

        I love the tidiness of this caddy! Everything fits!

        And when it’s beautifying purpose is done, it goes straight back in the bigger caddy with the Cotten pads!

        I bought the aqua basket woven bin from Target, which sometimes has them in store but you can always buy them here. 

        These bins are the bomb…sturdy, strong design and different sizes. But sometimes, for whatever reason, not sold in store. For the love, Target, don’t give me a heart attack and stop selling these bins!  They are wildly popular in organization blogs/magazine layouts/my house for a reason!

        Rant over.

        I hope this Tuesday tip inspires you with your own Duh moment of quick easy organization!  Let me know what you’ve corraled in the comments below!

          Tuesday Tips| Quick Easy Spring Front Door Decor!


          Plain Jane Door…at least the Christmas wreath is finally gone!

          Happy Tuesday y’all!  Spring has busted on by here in Southern Kentucky and we’re now in the throes of Summer heat & humidity!  But after the bitter, cold and loooong Winter, this gal isn’t  complaining!

          True story.  I just took down my Christmas wreath the 1st week in May.  While an improvement, the bare front door has been mocking me the last two weeks. 

          No more. I stumbled upon a Michael’s purchase last year for who knows what  project and decided just do it.

          So, I started with the Michael’s purchase…3 realistic  but fake peonies. The tags say $7 each but I know I bought them on sale!


          Fake peonies I bought last year from Michael’s
          I grabbed a beautiful emerald green double faced satin ribbon I usually use for St. Patrick’s Day, to “tie” it up.  I also used jute because I couldn’t find my florist wire. Before I located the jute I was seriously going to use clear packing tape. 

          Here’s my quick easy door decor:

          1. Gather the stems below the leaves and cut a length of jute/twine/wire to wrap and secure several times. I cut about  a foot of jute. I also used the rule of uneven numbers to make the door arrangement more pleasing to the eye.  I only had 3 flowers but you could use more…just remember to keep it an odd number.


            2. Use a ribbon to conceal the jute/twine/wire. You could stop here if you desire a more rustic look and just tie off or make a bow from the jute. My double faced satin ribbon ( which I prefer for tying bows because it’s shiny on both sides) is about 2.5 feet in length. I made the first tie on the backside of the arrangement and then looped it to the front and tied it again.  

            Now the ribbon is ready to tie in a bow. 

            Here’s how I make my bows:

            Step 1:  Make two loops with each loose ribbon


            Step 2:  Cross the loops like a “X”

            Step 3:  Pull the top loop under and through the hole to finish the bow.  You can then adjust the size of the bow to your liking!

              Ta Da!

            To make a hanger for the wreath door hanger, I used my handy jute again.  I first secured a short piece of jute to the top flower at the first leaf.

              I double knotted mine. 

            I then made a small loop and knotted it off as well, trimming the ends. 

              A loop!

            Now, for the finale…

              My lonely front door with the wreath hanger ….

            A vast improvement!

            Once hung, I simply adjusted the flowers to face forward.

            Yay!  Quick easy and done!!  No more shame in my front door game!!

            What fast and easy projects are you working on around your home?  Let me know in the comments!!

            Tuesday Tip-DIY Table Water Bottle


            Happy Tuesday friends!  Today, I’m sharing a quick way to transform a pretty shaped glass soda bottle into a table water bottle. 

            We were lucky enough to travel to Paris and London last Spring {sigh} and fell in love with both cities and their local custom of providing a table water bottle during meals.  When we came back, we continued this European custom of having a water bottle at our table during our meals. We’re fancy like that!

            On my last trek to Trader Joe’s {sadly it was last fall as we do not have one here locally} I picked up their pretty pink fizzy French Berry Lemonade to try.  By the way, it’s delicious!  After we gulped it down…I couldn’t bear to toss the pretty bottle away. 

            The bottle’s been hanging around way too long, until it hit me that it would be perfect for a second table water bottle and free!  Only one thing was stopping me….Goo Be Gone.  Goo Be Gone is somewhat effective in removing stubborn labels, but it creates such a oily mess residue and I’m not fond of the strong smell.  

            So when I read of a possible alternative solution to remove sticky labels, I seized the day!


            The suggested remedy was to use rubbing alcohol. Great…cheap and no awful smell or residual grease!  I read that it worked like a charm. But, as you can see…no dice. Ugh…what to do?  

            I did what anyone would do… I googled “how to remove sticky labels from glass jars”. And, this is the solution I found:


            I had steel wool pads on hand; so, quick as a wink, I whipped one of those bad boys out and started scrubbing on the white gluey mess. 

            And…here’s the result:


            Yay!  Success!  Thank you robdbeal who posted on “Thrifty Fun”. Your tip made my day!

            And, in case you don’t this yet about me, I’m all about a label maker and washi tape. So, I couldn’t leave this glass bottle squeaky clean!  But you sure can!



            Here’s the final up cycled water bottle:



            And in its natural habitat just chillin’ beside the expensive table water bottle until our next meal!


            In conclusion,  Rubbing Alcohol-0, Steel Cleaning Pad-1!  But the big winner today was my wallet $$$!

            Have you up cycled an old container to make something beautiful and useful for your home lately?  Share in the comments!