Easy Valentine’s Day Sweet Rolls

Easy Valentine’s Day Sweet Rolls


Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

Hope you’re braving the Arctic vortex warmly this weekend…it’s presently snowing again in Kentucky and the forecast calls for more snow.

Maybe you’re excited about Valentine’s falling on the weekend and want to do something special for breakfast…something Martha Stewart Pinterest worthy but zero effort!  I mean, you’ve already pulled out all the stops for your child’s Valentine’s Day box!

I’ve got the sweetest solution for your dilemma!  I saw this idea earlier this week on the Today Show…but, thought of a nifty improvement…mini sweet rolls! 

This is what you need:

  • Can of normal sized  8 count cinnamon rolls you find in the dairy aisle
  • A knife
  • A cookie sheet
  • An oven

The End.

I’ll walk you through the steps:

Step 1:

 Buy the cinnamon roll regular sized 8 count (it will make 16 per this hack)

Dont buy the giant sized can…buy the 8 count regular sized sweet rolls…these Pillsbury ones are yummy!

Step 2:

Set aside the frosting (on the left) and get out a sharp knife!  

Step 3:

Separate the 8 cinnamon rolls…each will look like this one.  

Step 4:

Unroll the cinnamon roll.  

Step 5:

Cut the length of the unrolled cinnamon roll in half…just eye ball it!

Step 6:

Take each end of one of the halves of the cinnamon roll and roll each end toward the middle, then pinch the bottom to make it heart-shaped. 

Just like snowflakes, each heart will be different!!

Step 7:

Finish the roll and place on cookie sheet into oven per baking directions.  I didn’t have to cut the time of the baking even though the rolls were smaller!  

Step 8:

After baking , frost cinnamon rolls and enjoy!  

Of course, you could make normal sized heart shaped cinnamon rolls…but the mini size is so sweet and cute!!!


These mini heart shaped cinnamon rolls would be sweet tucked inside your child’s lunch box or for an after school treat! 

How are you spending Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart(s)?  I’d love to hear!

For Your Weekend | Super Bowl Weekend Edition

For Your Weekend | Super Bowl Weekend Edition

Yes…it’s Super Bowl time again and it’s an epic matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.  Here’s your cheat sheet before you hit the Super Bowl party.  

The old quarterback (Bronco’s Peyton Manning vs. the new kid (Panther’s Cam Newton) makes it interesting. Who can deny big love for Peyton Manning….


Peyton Manning in State Farm commercials
…giving himself a pep talk to his bobblehead.  

But the kid Cam can catch some attention himself… 

Mr. Fancypants in nearly $900 Versace pants

…it takes some guts and apparently a lot of extra cash to pull of this look!!  

So, you may be able to make your pick based on these two factors alone.  But no…here’s the twist…Michael Oher, who’s life was depicted in The Blind Side plays for the Panthers and this….

via US Weekly
…basically Sandra Bullock’s son is playing in the Super Bowl!!! All the feels!!  

I don’t know that I can pick a team to cheer for  but I know the game will be amazing. And if this happens… 

Go follow @notkennyrogers now!

…It would make me a happy crying mess!!  But  seriously, go follow Not Kenny Rogers .

As a huge Coldplay fan, I’m so excited that they’re playing the halftime show!!!  I’ve been listening to their newest album, A Headful of Dreams, nonstop this week!

And if Super Bowl’s 50th game doesn’t stir you, maybe this story of 5 friends who have attended every single Super Bowl game when tickets the first year cost $10 a piece.  

Maybe the food is more your thing!  

This skinny mozzarella sticks recipe from Skinnytaste would be a perfect snack or maybe or dare I suggest my own Super Easy Bowl chicken salad recipe here!

Or maybe you’ll be watching it for the commercials!

Hope you have a “super” weekend whatever you decide to do!!  Let me know in the comments!

“Super Easy Bowl” Chicken Salad & Yay…Happy Groundhog Day!!

“Super Easy Bowl” Chicken Salad & Yay…Happy Groundhog Day!!

Y’all…Happiest of Groundhog Day to ya!  I can’t even begin to share how much this silly holiday means to me!  

First, it’s a day where a groundhog predicts how long winter will last. Second, there’s more than one groundhog prognosticator! 

Yep, besides the famous Punxsutawney Phil of  Pennsylvania, featured in Groundhog Day, I’ve met the southern groundhog gent, General Beauregard Lee of Atlanta!  Impressive, right?

I don’t care what either groundhog prognosticates as long as it means Spring is on its way.  

Third, if you haven’t seen the movie Groundhog Day…remedy that situation.  Better yet, watch it a couple of times so you fully appreciate this classic movie. Bill Murray…sigh.  

Aw, Phil…you crazy guy!! | image via Parade.com

But on with the chicken salad recipe!!  Y’all I made this crazy good chicken salad last week and it would be perfect to being for a Super Bowl party!  Best of all, it’s super easy! 

If you need a pep talk about chicken salad, then read my post here because chicken salad is best when it’s eyeballed measured. That’s the joy of chicken salad!

Here’s what I used:

This is it…nothing up my sleeve!
“Super Easy Bowl” Chicken Salad Recipe 

  • Leftover chicken baked chicken tenders, chopped up (about 6 chicken tenders)
  • 3 stalks of celery chopped (eyeball to ratio of chicken)
  • A generous dollop of mayonnaise (I use Just Mayo )
  • A few shakes of Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce (to taste…a little hot but also sweet!)
  • A few shakes of onion powder (no cutting)
  • Salt to taste (didn’t even put in pepper…I’m such a rebel)
  • A few squirts of lemon juice (no cutting up and squeezing!)

That’s it!  Of course, add more of whatever to get the flavors right but it’s so simple and so good!  This chicken salad has just enough kick for a Super Bowl party but it won’t scald your mouth!  Serve it with triscuits and you’re good to go!!

So yummy!!!

Do you get silly over Groundhog Day or is it just me?  Who are you cheering on to win the Super Bowl or are you just waiting to see Coldplay & Beyonce at the halftime show?  Let me know in the comments!

    7 Things That Are Saving My Life Right Now

    7 Things That Are Saving My Life Right Now

    I’m joining Anne Bogel of  Modern Mrs. Darcy in sharing what’s saving my life right now in the throes of Winter!

    I agree with Anne that February is the cruelest month and I’m excited to see what others share that keeps them sane during the winter months!

    Sunfilled days during Winter save me!

    So, here’s my list!


    Homemade Taco Seasoning
    1.  Good Cheap Eats Taco Seasoning Mix. I find awesome recipes all the time on Jessica Fisher’s Good Cheap Eats blog but was skeptical about her taco seasoning mix. I had tried other DIY taco mixes but hadn’t liked the results. 

    But Jessica’s recipe rocks…it’s simple and makes enough for several meals (a bonus).   In full disclosure, I use regular chili powder (couldn’t find chipotle chili at my local grocery) and I substituted onion powder for the onion flakes ( had powder but not flakes on hand).  It’s still awesome with the substitutions!  I love Mexican fare and having this taco mix on hand really saves my life right now!!

    2.  Ice Glazed Frozen Chicken Tenders.  Continuing with the food theme, the frozen chicken tenders save my dinner prep life!!  The tenders cook up so much faster than the frozen chicken breasts and a bag gets me through two meals!  #winning

    3.  Walgreens App. I have a ton of photos held hostage on my iPhone.  I used to wring my hands to try and get a photo book together, beautifully curated of course!  With the Walgreens App I can quickly upload my most recent pics and choose the store location for pick up and within an hour they’re ready! There’s usually a discount code too.  I then display my recent photos on a simple string with small clothes pins!

    Mexico on the left & Costa Rica on the right!

    4. Traveling to a sunny tropical destination! Don’t hate me, but winter does affect our family’s moods and so we made a decision to travel to a guaranteed sunny destination during winter!

    This year we traveled to Mexico over Christmas Break and Costa Rica two weeks ago. Spending time in a warm sun filled locale is a wonderful remedy to the cold grey days of winter. 

    5. 100 % Pure Lanolin for Chapped Lips.  Winter brings on dry skin for many but for me it affects my lips the worst. I might even have a bad habit of licking my lips, even in subzero weather. Last year I highly recommended Dr. Lipp’s Nipple Balm (I know, that name!) here in an earlier blog post. I had received a sample in a Birch Box. But when I went to order a full size, the sticker shock drove me to find an alternative…because the only ingredient is 100% lanolin!

    I saw where others recommended Lansinoh HPA Lanolin.  And you’re right…that’s a product for breastfeeding mamas but I bought a big tube of it at Target and it’s exactly the same thing!! What I love about lanolin is that it creates a barrier and keeps my lips soft, even hours later!  It’s also perfect for dry cuticles and skin.

    6.  Podcasts!  I’m late to the game but I love listening to podcasts while on a long drive, flight or doing the mundane household chores. My favorites include:

    • The Simple Show
    • Happier
    • Stuff You Should Know
    • What Should I Read Next (Anne’s New Podcast!)

    7. This quote:

      “O, while you live, tell truth, and shame the devil.” -William Shakespeare 

      Shakespeare always said it best! For some reason this quote deeply resonates with me and daily motivates me.

      What’s getting you through these winter days?  I’d love to hear from you!  Comment below! Or join the link up here!