Take the Brazen Path

Take the Brazen Path

Brazen by Leeana Tankersley came my way by being selected as a member of the Brazen launch team. Honestly, I had never heard of Leanna Tankersley before, much less read any of her two previous books.

Brazen by Leeana Tankersley

But then I read Brazen.  Oh. My. Stars. Brazen has been the perfect gift at precisely the right moment in my life. 

Leeana Tankersley is your cheerleader. She’s for you and she points you to the Creator…your biggest cheerleader.

God’s beauty in creation demands attention! The beauty He created in you demands even more so!

If you’ve ever felt beaten down by the soul bullies (Leeana describes them as those inner negative voices streaming in your thoughts) Brazen is the book for you.

Reading Brazen was like sitting down with my best friend over coffee, sharing our lives and saying, “Yes, I’m feeling that way too.”

Not only does Leeana identify the areas of your neglected creative soul, but she points you to a path of discovery to take those beige soul areas and reclaim your right to brazenly shine forth in full color as God created you to be!

Shine forth!

Last year, I had given up on our front bed azaleas.  One shrub looked as if it had died while the other only halfway bloomed. I cut them both back hard thinking that act might mercifully finish them off. 

Imagine my surprise, when pulling up to our home after spring break, our azaleas had doubled both in size and bloom and were brazenly displaying the hottest pink fuchsia blooms ever seen.

Brazenly blooming!

Thank you God and Leeana for reminding me that after the hardest cuts, the most brazen beauty will emerge.

Reading Brazen was like water to my parched soul. While there’s so much more within Brazen I wish for you to discover for yourself, this quote sums up my experience reading Brazen:

I believe God wants us to make peace with our woundedness, and that’s the journey I’ve been on…we need to welcome our brokenness, but also our belovedness.  This is the brazen path.

-Leeana Tankersley | Brazen, p. 111

You are beloved in your brokenness. Take the Brazen  path!

Holy Guacamole Baked Appetizers

Holy Guacamole Baked Appetizers

 Happy Monday peeps!  

Truly life changing in the most beautiful way!

If you follow me on InstaGram , you’ll notice I’ve been a traveling fool lately. I owe y’all umpteen traveling posts.

But until then, let me share a food gem from my most recent travels to Corpus Christi, Texas.

I love all things Tex-Mex, even though this gringo can’t go beyond “mild” in Texas heat ratings. We had a lovely stay on the beach and dined twice at Fajitaville on the Beach.  Doesn’t that sound like fun restaurant?  They even have a Ferris wheel!

Besides amazing fajitas, we enjoyed their Guac & Rolls as appetizers, thanks to the generous coupon we found on Restaurant.com .  Fajitaville’s Guac & Rolls were delicious but they were fried…and while okay for a Spring Break trip, not so good in everyday living.   But I was determined to recreate these rolls…baked!

If you’re not near Fajitaville to grab some of their Guac & Rolls or you’re trying to avoid fried food, these Holy Guacamole Baked Appetizers will fit the bill!

These apps are super easy and will make you the star of your next party/cook out/family meal! 

Also, big shout out to Nasoya All-Natural Won Ton Wraps for instructions on how to properly wrap a won ton wrapper! #foodorigami

I remembered to take a photo after I made these rolls, but this photo shows all my ingredients for the guac and the won ton wrappers I used



  • 1 avocado, mashed and seasoned with lime juice, cumin and kosher salt to taste (or grab your favorite store bought Guac)
  • 12 Won Ton Wrappers (you will find them in the refrigerated produce section)
  • Olive Oil Spray
  • A little bowl of water
  • Baking sheet sprayed with oil
  • 1 teaspoon


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Make your Guac or open your store bought container 
  • Lay out 12 won ton wrappers on a sprayed baking sheet
  • Spoon a heaping teaspoon of Guac on to the middle of each won ton wrapper
  • Wet all 4 edges of the won ton wrapper with the water (I dipped my fingers in the small bowl of water) and make a triangle, pressing edges together. 
  • Invert the triangle with the top pointing down and bring the two ends of the triangle together, pressing them together. 
  • Work quickly as the won ton wrappers can dry out. 
  • After you’ve filled and folded all 12 won ton wrappers, give a light spray of oil over all the wrappers. 
  • Cook for 8-10 minutes. 
  • Serve with salsa or ranch dip or anything else your heart desires!
Aren’t they pretty?
The first fold into a triangle
Next, turn triangle upside down…


Bring two ends together and press firmly


    Hello, gorgeous!!

    These wrappers seriously make for an easy yummy appetizer!  

    Have you ever tried to recreate a restaurant recipe?  I’d love to hear about your recipe recreations!  Comment below!