A Summer Break Prayer


We’ve just returned from the beach, and easing (or more like ramping up) into our often hectic summer break rhythm.

Summer’s significantly shorter with our school calendar and so we cram lots of traveling and fun experiences while we have the chance!  But, the fast pace can lead to a diminishing of joy during a summer break!  Odd, huh?

So, here’s prayer to pray while you’re cramming wonderful summer life experiences during the break!

Our Father,

Thank You for this season of sun, new daily rhythms and exploring Your world and connecting with friends and family!

Help us to enjoy these days, taking pleasure in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. 

Let us make the most in the waiting (airport gates, interstate traffic, amusement park lines, ballgame traffic) and find joy in the now, with our tribe, our people. 

Help us find a quiet spot in the hustle of summer where we can hear Your voice, see Your beauty, and taste Your goodness in this season!

Help us love more deeply and make the most of the time with our children, the silly and the serious, the easy and the tough. 

Help us to celebrate each day and savor these days of summer.

Let us be administrators of Your grace and give freely and often!



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