For Your Weekend | First Official Weekend of Summer Edition

For Your Weekend | First Official Weekend of Summer Edition

Unexpected treasure discovered on a recent morning walk

Hello Summer (officially)!

Although we’ve been experiencing weather here in southern Kentucky more like the dog days of summer than the first bloom of summer, I’m still greeting it with a huge grin, because summer!   

I hope y’all are keeping cool and chill in your neck of the woods!  Here are some fab weekend links for you to peruse as you hangout poolside!

LOL for all Christians
The Babylon Bee
Oh my. I stumbled upon this website via Twitter this week and I believe it may be another means of grace!  As its tag line states “The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source for Christian News Satire”.  I laughed until I cried. I don’t know who’s behind this satirical website on all things Christian, but bravo, bravo #allthepraisehands !!
I heart QEII!!

Queen Elizabeth II Classed Up Twitter

I love all things British.  I love Queen Elizabeth II (QE II).  I love Twitter.  So I especially loved that QE II tweeted her first official tweet this week and as you might expect, her tweet was very proper and adorable!

I mean, digital messages! #slayed

A Mother’s Prayer for Teens

Parenting is hard.  Parenting a teen is not for the weak.  To help you in your teenage parenting journey, I give you Jen Hatmaker’s concise perfect prayer:

We pray in agreement, dear Lord…

Mary DeMuth’s article on Predators
Mary DeMuth’s article on 13 Traits of Predatory People should be required reading. Predators aren’t always child molesters or physical abusers.  Predators can be verbally and psychologically abusive as well. This list is insightful and spot on.  

I’d love to hear what’s making you laugh or think this week!  Join me in the comments to keep the conversation going!