For Your Weekend | Memorial Day Weekend Edition

For Your Weekend | Memorial Day Weekend Edition

Before we celebrate a three day weekend, let’s stop and remember why we have this upcoming Monday  holiday. 

Many soldiers over our nation’s history have given their lives for our freedom. If you’re ever in Washington, DC, make time to visit Arlington National Cemetery.  There’s a Metro stop right at its entrance. 

I’ve visited Arlington several times.  I’m never quite fully prepared for the physical sight of acres of white soldiers’ tombstones on gently rolling hills. 

While often used as a set backdrop, these tombstones are real.  And more likely than not, you’ll come across a funeral in progress, a sobering reminder that soldiers are still dying for our freedom. 

So pray for those families who have lost their family member. Give thanks for our freedom. 

The Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetery
So enjoy our freedom and celebrate it.

Here are your weekend links!

Summer offically begins with a stack of awesome books!

I religiously read Anne Bogel’s blog  Modern Mrs. Darcy.  Anne publishes a summer reading guide and I love her recommendations! 

Grab your own copy of her 2016 Summer Reading Guide here.  

Help Parenting Teenagers!  Last week I tipped y’all off to a new favorite podcast, The Lazy Genius, and I have to highlight an episode I listened to this week about parenting teens.

Kendra chatted with Meg Duerksen for almost 90 minutes about dealing with a rebellious teen. I loved this real, encouraging conversation that parents need to hear! I’m so glad Kendra didn’t cut off the conversation at 30 minutes.  Just real honest advice from a mom of five who’s lived it and living through it still. 

Coldplay’s on Snapchat!

end of Coldplay’s concert in Barcelona

I’m a Snapchat junkie, goofing with their silly filters more than a grown woman should be!

Exhibit 1: My abuse of Snapchat !

When I found out this week that Coldplay is on Snapchat and documenting their stadium concerts, I flipped out!  If you love Snapchat and Coldplay, you’ll flip too!
Hope you have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

For Your Weekend | Super Bowl Weekend Edition

For Your Weekend | Super Bowl Weekend Edition

Yes…it’s Super Bowl time again and it’s an epic matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.  Here’s your cheat sheet before you hit the Super Bowl party.  

The old quarterback (Bronco’s Peyton Manning vs. the new kid (Panther’s Cam Newton) makes it interesting. Who can deny big love for Peyton Manning….


Peyton Manning in State Farm commercials
…giving himself a pep talk to his bobblehead.  

But the kid Cam can catch some attention himself… 

Mr. Fancypants in nearly $900 Versace pants

…it takes some guts and apparently a lot of extra cash to pull of this look!!  

So, you may be able to make your pick based on these two factors alone.  But no…here’s the twist…Michael Oher, who’s life was depicted in The Blind Side plays for the Panthers and this….

via US Weekly
…basically Sandra Bullock’s son is playing in the Super Bowl!!! All the feels!!  

I don’t know that I can pick a team to cheer for  but I know the game will be amazing. And if this happens… 

Go follow @notkennyrogers now!

…It would make me a happy crying mess!!  But  seriously, go follow Not Kenny Rogers .

As a huge Coldplay fan, I’m so excited that they’re playing the halftime show!!!  I’ve been listening to their newest album, A Headful of Dreams, nonstop this week!

And if Super Bowl’s 50th game doesn’t stir you, maybe this story of 5 friends who have attended every single Super Bowl game when tickets the first year cost $10 a piece.  

Maybe the food is more your thing!  

This skinny mozzarella sticks recipe from Skinnytaste would be a perfect snack or maybe or dare I suggest my own Super Easy Bowl chicken salad recipe here!

Or maybe you’ll be watching it for the commercials!

Hope you have a “super” weekend whatever you decide to do!!  Let me know in the comments!

For Your Weekend|Mid May Edition

You have no idea how many choir concerts I’ve attended!

Happy Mid May!  Lots of celebrations happen this month…Mother’s Day, college and high school graduations, dance/piano/violin/etc. recitals, awards ceremonies, Memorial Day, end of school, field days, ad infinitum!  Whew!  

So, to get you through the crush…here are the links!

  • Tina Turner still living a fab life. With a new Mad Max movie debuting this weekend, my thoughts turned to what Miss Tina’s up to these days.  No worries. 
  • Coldplay confirms working on a new album! Squeal!  And, the title is…Head Full of Dreams.  Critics didn’t like their latest Ghost Stories, but those critics never listened to Coldplay’s early albums such as Parachutes and Rush of Blood to the Head.  I’m so ready for a post GP album!!
  • Required reading for you via Emily P. Freeman.  Seriously, click the link and you can thank me later for Emily’s thoughtful, thought provoking piece on introspection. 
  • The only summer reading guide you need. I’ll be traveling to the beach next month and this guide will be perfect in what books I load on to my nook!
  • Mad Men’s Ends this Sunday.  I’m still in denial, but big thanks to AMC for their Mad Men marathon where I can check up on Don, Betty, Pete, Joan, Peggy & the gang through the decades before the last one.