For Your Weekend | Olympic Fever Edition

For Your Weekend | Olympic Fever Edition

Sign of Olympic fever…snapping Olympic athletes!

When the Rio Olympics began over a week ago, I thought I would be able to resist the call of USA chants, worrying over athletes’ performances I never even knew until the tear jerking stories narrated by Bob Costas, and the over the top spectacles of the opening ceremonies. 

 I failed miserably and darn it, caught myself a full blown case of Olympic fever!

So, for all things Olympic, here’s amazing and funny links to help you through the final weekend of the Rio Olympics!

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on Earth, but these 15 amazing facts about him may surprise you!

For example, Usain Bolt has never run a full mile, ever.

Speaking of Usain Bolt’s amazing times, this gal has figured out how she can beat Bolt’s world record!  

Wonder just how hard those high tech swimsuits are to wear? Click here For the 411!

Forget Michael Phelps, Simone Biles and Usain Bolt, this US athlete is the greatest athlete in the world you never heard of and won his second gold medal in the decathlon.

His name is Ashton Eaton | image via The Washington Post

And, my list would be incomplete without a mention of all the women’s athlete fashion!

First, can we talk about the women’s glorious hairstyles ?

Jamaica’s Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce for the win representing her country’s colors!

I’m in love with all the braids, color dips and imaginative styles these fierce women athletes are rocking on the track and field. I marvel that these women can win gold medals and break world, Olympic and personal best records whilst sporting such intricate and seemingly heavy hairdos!  You go girl!!

Even though the track and field women have center stage for the most amazing hairstyles, don’t worry about the women in swim caps or utilitarian ponytails. 

The Olympic nail art game is strong with all the women athletes!!

Italy’s Silvia Di Pietro’s nails are winning!

Finally, Simone Biles’ sparkly patriotic eyeliner is insane!

So much sparkly USA goodness! | image via Cosmopolitan

Simone already sparkles but the extra eyeliner sends her over the top!  Again, my tears just well up thinking about glitter so close to her eyeballs and how she could compete!

What’s been your favorite moment or athlete from the Rio Olympics?  I’d love to hear about it!