For Your Weekend | School’s Out Edition

For Your Weekend | School’s Out Edition

Sweet Summer is upon us!
Yes!!! Students shouted all across schools in the US as they finally reach the last day.  


Almost simultaneously yelled by parents everywhere upon the reality that school’s out for summer!

Don’t panic…here’s a great linkup to help ease both you and your kids into summertime!

Enjoy the blue skies!
And, most importantly this summer, eat the cake!!! 

There is a scrumptious German chocolate cake underneath the whipped cream!!

      Thoughtful Thursday|Living with Discontent



      Tsh Oxenrider’s latest post on her blog The Art of Simple struck a deep chord within me; especially, her statement in which she actually wrote “Learn to sit with discontent.”   Tsh wrote beautifully about being passionate without being obnoxious here.

      But the truth she expressed to learn to sit (I internalized it as live) with discontent hit so deep within me I wrote it down (incorrectly) and then wrote it in calligraphy with watercolor for myself as a reminder. So please read her post and consider my post as a riff on the truth expressed. 

      Sometimes Life is easy.  No struggle, no conflict, no worries.  If you’re presently in this season of Life, congrats! (And give thanks to God!) But life’s journey will take you through struggles, conflicts and worries.  No one is immune.  And, if you possess a high sense of justice (which I do possess) then you might be feeling discontent over the injustices witnessed or experienced. Of course, many feel discontent in their marriages, family relationships, work life or their present station in life. 

       Discontent can be consuming and crippling. But most of all, the feelings that accompany discontent are unwelcomed. What I love about Tsh’s statement is that one’s discontent isn’t something to get over but instead to be a tool to motivate ourselves to do our part.  More importantly, if we follow Jesus, we will live our entire lives in discontent over the falleness of the world. 

      So today, face your discontent. Figure out what is behind your discontent and move toward becoming less discontent by taking positive steps in improving the situation. Talk to God about it, seek His wisdom and guidance through His Word and trusted followers of Jesus.  

      What are your thoughts on being discontent? Any strategies or times when discontent motivate you to make a situation better?  Share in the comments below!